Spiritual education is fundamental for the dynamic balance of the human being. Whatever the philosophical or religious choice. Meditation fosters a psychic discipline, tenacious and active aspiration, increasing the will and dynamic perseverance of our entire physical, mental and spiritual system. It intensifies our will to discover and realize and to find the truth of our true being in an immense integrating energy. Silence reveals our purpose and objective, where the starting point of our search is in ourselves. Meditation benefits our health, helps concentration, memory and balances our emotional state: our studies at UCLA and other fellow researchers around the world verify the results. Recently, research on Meditation and Mindfulness leaves no doubt about the rapid and positive effects on the health of the practitioner. The benefits begin to appear in the brain with a few sessions, we can measure both physical and mental such changes. Our studies suggest that anyone can, in a relatively short time, conquer the positive effects of meditation.
  • Mindfulness
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