By Dr. Clarice Peres and Marina Rocha, 12 years old (The Ethical Planet). It is with immense joy and gratitude that we started this project with Abayomi Academy of writing this monthly column. And we will do this as a team, The Ethical Planet family, composed of children, teenagers and I, Dr. Clarice Peres. All together in the same boat, sailing in shallow and deep waters talking about Ethics and Mental Health. With the enthusiasm of a child in the incredible world of neuropsychology!

A for Love, L for Freedom, E for Energy, G for Gratitude, R for Laughter, I for Imagination, A for Friends. Welcome aboard ALEGRIA!!!

J for joyous, O for original, Y for youthful. Welcome aboard JOY!

All these wonderful things in life are within JOY!

Once upon a time there was a vessel called JOY.

Whenever its crew entered it, they felt their hearts beating faster, and a feeling of well-being, energy and willingness spread through their bodies. It was so intense and pleasing that it felt like it went through the body and veeeeeery deep in the soul.

Upon entering JOY, everyone smiled involuntarily, their eyes sparkled, everyone wanted to hug each other and talk about good things. It all felt like kids playing and having fun! Positive energy and love were in the air! When JOY sailed from the harbor, it seemed that we were floating in sweet clouds of lightness and pleasure, the blue sea embraced by JOY, reflected its rays of fullness, transforming the air into a beautiful rainbow.

When the rainbow crossed the ocean, it was because JOY was sailing!

Everyone is in a good mood when they are on board of JOY, no one wants to fight or defend their opinions; JOY makes space for all ideas, and room for all the ways that the crew can behave. It also loves TECHNOLOGY, because with its radars and electronic systems it can transform signals into precious safety information, as we do when we want to be with those we love to feel safe, even though we are physically far away.

We all feel a great peace with the wind where JOY comes from, and all our dreams and desires seem to be possible when we are sailing the huge and beautiful sails of JOY. Our face feels the breeze of JOY as if it were the hands of our parents or friends caring for us.

It’s like a game where we’re all having so much fun and time doesn’t seem to exist in JOY. Everything looks more colorful and beautiful, the colors are stronger and more vivid, the animals approach without fear because they know that close to JOY they are safe. It manages to speak with silence! And we can all listen to her music; JOY sings the most beautiful songs and the most perfect melodies. These vibrations echo in our body, and in our brain. JOY transforms the electrical waves in our head into waves of balance and tranquility. These waves are able to heal us and make even our blood purer and work better in our hearts. JOY doesn’t like high blood pressure, doesn’t know about mental disorders, doesn’t feel sadness nor pain. It doesn’t let fear come on board. And violence was never welcomed in JOY either.

JOY is a friend of the feelings that elevate our being and our body, making us healthier. JOY produces a lot of favorable chemistry for our body to have an excellent performance. It also eliminates all the toxins that negative things create in our biological and neural systems. It is a great friend of positive thinking, creativity, motivation, and perseverance. JOY also has a very nice friend called ERROR that always had a lot of trouble being accepted by everyone, but JOY loves it. Because only with the ERROR does JOY know that it can help all of us even more!

There is also another friend that Joy loves, which is FAILURE, the twin sister of SUCCESS. And JOY loves to see these two siblings playing together in our lives. Thanks to JOY, you know that everything is complementary.

And so, we go sailing in JOY, without fear of being with its best friend, HAPPINESS. When the two of them are on the same trip, life feels like a dream! It feels like we’re flying in the sky or space, it doesn’t even feel like we’re sailing on the sea. The perspectives that JOY can show us go beyond shapes, space or dimensions. All sciences, arts and human knowledge as intrinsically social beings seem to have no boundaries when JOY is their captain.

JOY dances on the waves and takes us smoothly with movements that have a balanced rhythm with the whole universe. It tells us all the time that the most important thing in our lives is the path and not just the arrival at our destination. It asks everyone to take a bag with an immense secret inside, a treasure from the deepest seas. The most valuable treasure there is! And it asks us that whenever we move away from the safe places of navigation, we take this backpack tightly against our chest, as this treasure will always be our salvation, like a buoy or life raft in days of storm or man to the sea. This treasure is called LOVE.

No matter where you are from, what you are like, the sad things you’ve known and experienced, JOY always has a place for you, and it’s always much closer than you can imagine. JOY accepts us as we are, because it manages to transform us into our best version, making us the best sailors in the world. It helps us to win all races and beat all difficulties and storms, expanding our horizons; makes us conquer places and interact without invading or destroying; showing us all the beauty in the world in the blink of an eye. When we make a tack or any other maneuver while sailing JOY, it always responds instantly with a smooth, harmonic cadence.

And the most wonderful thing about this trip is that JOY, even being docked in the harbor, has the power to stay inside us forever!

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