ADHD Myths and Fallacies That Perpetuate Stigma

We’ve heard all of the ADHD myths: “ADHD isn’t real.” “That kid just needs a good spanking. “People with ADD are just lazy.” These fallacies and misconceptions about ADHD have been around as long as the condition itself, and the negative effect they have is very real — and very damaging. Learn the truth and arm yourself with facts to refute the next misinformed comment you hear about “bad parenting.”

Despite groundbreaking research and clear neurological findings, people continue to harbor many inaccurate beliefs — and promote some downright myths — about ADHD, which only perpetuate misunderstanding, stigma, and shame. Learn the scientific truth about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder here.

Myth #1: ADHD isn’t a real medical disorder.
Myth #2: ADHD is a modern farce created by drug companies
Myth #3: ADHD is the result of bad parenting.
Myth #4: ADHD affects only boys.
Myth #5: A kid who can play video games for hours couldn’t possibly have ADHD.
Myth #6: Children with ADHD eventually outgrow their condition.
Myth #7: Children who take ADHD medication are more likely to abuse drugs.
Myth #8: Special accommodations for ADHD are an unfair advantage.
Myth #9: People who have ADHD are stupid or lazy.

myth versus reality

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